Where were you at noon 17 February 2023?

The CN&CO team continues to be all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Today is Carel’s turn at the “Noon Blog”, so let’s check in and see what he and the rest of the CN&CO family were up to …

Most people I speak to agree – 2023 has started with a BANG! A rollercoaster ride of note. And so it is nice to take a breath, to pause and to reflect on what we are all doing.

Focus and perspective – two things I have been hard at work on at EasyEquities and my team mates there. At noon today, I was wrapping up a meeting with my mate Brad Leather who also heads up partnerships at the Purple Group. I can’t share details yet, but we are in discussions with a company with strong educational links to explore further ways in which EasyEquities can assist people – rich and poor – on their investment journeys.

And working from home, I was enjoying my garden, listening to Hot Classics and loving getting my to-do list klapped!

Carel looking rather surprised 🙂

Kurt is loving his not-so-new new role at Ami and says:

“I have just finished our second online broker training. Another great turnout – and I am loving spending time with our broker friends. We are very excited that our product training is up on the Lombard training platform where brokers can do their training online. Once complete, receive your CPD FAIS certificate straight away! The link to register is connect.lombardins.com

The inventor of the #kakselfie Colin, had this to say about his noon shenanigans:

“A little noon #kakselfie! Today is a gloomy, grey day outside – it’s a lot more interesting where I am sitting! I am presently working on a couple of articles for our new client Gallagher Re. They provide a fascinating glimpse into the current reinsurance market. It should be hitting news stands soon! This morning I had the pleasure of finishing an Ink Link blog about my friends Adele and Vincent, and this afternoon I will be writing about the manufacturing sector for epic ERP. Love the variety in what we do at CN&CO.”

Talking of diversity, Kate (who today is representing Josie also – juggling three kids, a husband and a few clients, we thought we’d give her a few minutes off at midday! -) was Brownie Pointing:

“I am working towards an amazing cause with Brownie Points and The Good Economy – while hydrating for a marathon padel/drinking birthday this eve!” No prizes for guessing what Kate will be drinking later – nope, not water!

Rikus is in Stellenbosch, editing various webinars and mowing the lawn at KleinBlouKlip farm – a venue for a few CN&CO events already and certainly more to come!

Llewellyn, like any good events guru, was juggling a few balls in a beautiful setting:

“I am busy with a few client meetings today at the Mount Nelson in Cape Town to plan amazing events for 2023. We are also busy with the final preparations for the first InsureTalk session for 2023. I can’t believe that this series is almost turning three! Whilst being busy, it is important to take in the amazing country we find ourselves in and to appreciate the small things. Smile today, or at least make someone smile.”

Stella, who works closely with Kurt and is one of our newest partners, has slotted right into the groove. We’ve been delighted that Stella has been working more with our long-standing and awesome partner, RMB:

“I am working on the RMB rowing sponsorship overview presentation. RMB has been supporting rowing in SA since 2016, which has made a huge difference not only in the lives of the RMB National Squad, but has supported and uplifted rowing communities around the country – from development programmes to facilities upliftment. It’s a partnership that is making a difference to the overall growth and inclusivity of the sport. Go check out their story here.”

Soon-to-be-daddy, Gianluca was delighted to share his noon activity:

“Meeting with the talented and wonderful Homing Pigeon to get her latest Meta Ads campaign together, showcasing her amazing home and baby room transformations. I also get to celebrate one year married to her on Sunday ” Congrats G and Keshia!

And last, but never least, is Blake who says:

“I am sitting at home in windy Cape Town charging my watch for the Peninsula Marathon while I’m preparing The Insurance Directory for print. It’s a mammoth task with all the changes in the insurance industry. The directory will be distributed to over 5 000 brokers and insurance experts around the country. If you want to get a complimentary copy, be listed or to advertise, drop me an email blake@cnandco.com.

Tomorrow I’m hosting a “Love our Trails” cleanup on Lion’s Head. In seven years we have picked up over two tons of litter with these regular trail cleanups.” Wow – amazing work Blake and team – THANK YOU.

Wishing you all many more happy noontime adventures with Team CN&CO!