SSP delivers for Old Mutual Zimbabwe

One of our newest clients, SSP, is doing great work both here at home in SA and in the rest of Africa.

SSP, a leading technology solutions provider, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the next phase of the Old Mutual Insurance Company Zimbabwe Legacy System Replacement Project on budget. Following the initial go-live, SSP embarked on the subsequent phase and efficiently delivered the remaining 14 insurance products. This achievement was made possible through the implementation of SSP’s ring-fenced augmented team model, which facilitated seamless collaboration and enhanced project efficiency for the Old Mutual business.

The Old Mutual Legacy System Replacement Project is a strategic initiative aimed at modernising and enhancing existing insurance systems to meet evolving industry demands. As a trusted technology partner, SSP has been instrumental in supporting the project’s implementation and ensuring a smooth transition from the legacy system to a more advanced and robust infrastructure.

During the initial phase of the project, SSP successfully implemented the platform, providing improved functionality, enhanced security measures, and greater flexibility. Building on this momentum, the subsequent phase focused on the delivery of the remaining 14 insurance products. SSP utilised its ring-fenced augmented team model, which combines specialised expertise and resources, to complete the project efficiently.

The augmented team model employed by SSP allowed for seamless collaboration between SSP and the Old Mutual business, resulting in streamlined processes, effective communication, and accelerated project delivery. This approach leverages the strengths of both parties, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to the new system while maintaining the highest quality standards.

“We are thrilled to have successfully completed the next phase of the Old Mutual Legacy System Replacement Project,” says Leslie Muthen, Territory Head, Africa at SSP (pictured above). “Our ring-fenced augmented team model played a crucial role in enabling us to deliver the remaining insurance products efficiently. We are proud to contribute to the transformation of the Old Mutual business and support its vision of delivering advanced insurance solutions to its customers.”

“We are excited about completing the SSP system implementation. The greatest win for us is its capability to integrate into other systems, which will significantly reduce manual processing work at Old Mutual and for our business providers. The improved efficiencies will ultimately and significantly improve customer and user experiences,” says Gloria Zvaravanhu, Old Mutual Insurance Managing Director in Zimbabwe.

The completion of this phase marks a significant milestone in the Old Mutual Legacy System Replacement Project.