Find your perfect RENTAL

Are you on the hunt for a comfortable and convenient place to call home? Look no further than EasyProperties! With a range of 18 units available for rent across various sought-after areas in Gauteng, including Midrand, Boksburg, Braamfontein, Hyde Park, Pretoria, Bryanston, and Sandton, you’re bound to find a unit that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

Variety of units
EasyProperties offers a diverse selection of rental units to choose from. Whether you’re seeking a furnished apartment or a space equipped with modern appliances, EasyProperties has options that cater to your needs.

Application Process Made Easy
Applying for your desired unit at EasyProperties is a straightforward process designed to make your transition into your new home as smooth as possible. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to secure your rental unit:

  1. Find the unit that best suits you. You can view our available units on their website or on Private Property or Property 24.
  2. Contact the agent. Once you have found a unit that you are interested in, contact the agent via email or phone.
  3. Schedule a viewing. The agent will schedule a viewing for you so that you can see the unit in person.
    ○ If applicable, they’ll reach out to your current landlord for a reference check to gain insights into your behaviour as a tenant.
  4. Fill out an application form. The agent will provide you with an application form to fill out.
  5. Provide the required documentation. You will need to provide the following documentation with your application:
    ○ Individual Applicants:
    i. ID/Passport
    ii. Fully Completed Application Form
    iii. 3 Months’ Bank Statements
    iv. 3 Months’ Payslips
    v. R150 Credit Check Proof of Payment (POP)
    ○ Company Applicants:
    i. Company CIPC Registration
    ii. 3 Months’ Company Bank Statements
    iii. R150 Credit Check POP
    ○ Combined Individual and Company Applicants:
    i. Application Form
    ii. Company CIPC Registration
    iii. 3 Months’ Bank Statements
    iv. ID/Passport
    v. R150 Credit Check POP
  6. Undergo a credit check. EasyProperties will conduct a credit check on all applicants.
  7. Sign the lease agreement. If your credit check is approved, you will be able to sign the lease agreement and move into your new unit.

Your Ideal Home Awaits
EasyProperties is committed to helping you find your ideal rental unit. With a comprehensive screening process, prime locations, and a range of options to choose from, you can trust us to make your move-in experience as seamless as possible.

Explore available units today:

Waterfall Estate, Midrand
Witfield, Boksburg
Johannesburg Central and CBD
Bryanston, Sandton and Bryanston North
Hyde Park, Sandton and Bryanston North
Sandown, Sandton and Bryanston North