Legend Otter brothers

Our mates at Faces Media have released a phenomenal doccie – a story of adventure, brotherhood, endurance-sport, resilience, pushing limits, and immersing oneself in nature.

It speaks of the Garden Route and Tsitsikamma’s trails’ remoteness, vastness, and the humility of a 42km pristine-coastline run.

It’s the story of The Otter African Trail Race; an unparalleled event which has EasyEquities as the presenting partner. Many in the CN&CO network run the race and our partners Carel and Rikus do the hike each year. Says Carel:

“The Otter African Trail Race is a very special event. The participants are awe-inspiring humans who demonstarte what passion and grit can achieve. The supporters, organisors, sponsors and community all play a major role in making this an extraordianry event. Rarely have I been this inspired by a sponsorship.”

The Faces Media team, with videographer Damien Schumann, joined brothers John and Mark Collins to capture the Otter Trail’s evolution into a renowned one-day race.

At its core, the Otter African Trail Race champions the protection of the Garden Route National Park and Tsitsikamma’s trails. The enduring message of the race is to leave the environment improved by participating.

This truth has guided both brothers, John and Mark, since the race’s inception. They share their Otter journey, highlighting that trail running transcends sport – as it’s a movement which seeks to actively nurture these cherished and pristine spaces.

Continues Carel: “I am very much looking forward to the privilege of again doing the hike with a few of my EasyEquities and CN&CO mates. And handing out the medals to everyone who crosses the finishing line is a highlight of my year. It is a real honour to congratulate the people who complete this challenging race – especially as so many of them are my friends and colleagues and EasyEquities clients!”

CN&CO is built on relationships. And on maximising honest networks that develop organically over years – to benefit brands and the broader community. To make the world a better place.

Carel first met Faces founder and CEO Clark Gardner when Carel was at Hollard and Clark at Summit (a business which is still thriving). When a colleague at EasyEquities suggested that the team gets invovled in supporting the Ottr African Trail Race more formally, there were many touch points and mutually beneficial reasons to do so.

Says Carel: “Clark and his team are excellent custodians of properties like the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, the 94.7 cycle race in Joburg and the hugely popular Warrior Challenges across the country. It is a real pleasure working with them. And meeting the Collins brothers, their family and colleagues was the cherry on top – not only are they superb athletes, they strive for excellence in all they do and are focused on improving our communities.”

EasyEquities has around 2 million clients – and CN&CO has loved being a part of the Easy journey from the word go. Liek a trail run, investment requires you to start. To have a plan. To be consistent. To stay focused. To have fun. To stay the course. As CN&CO partner Blake (an often-time Otter participant and founder of Love our Trails) demonstrates so well – follow those principles and you will be a healthy, happy and successful person!

Enjoy the doccie and hope to see you at the Otter – or some other event where we can use our bodies and responsibly enjoy our beautiful world.

Faces Otter doccie – Founding Brothers