TED TALK TUESDAY #275: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

TED continues to spread ideas and help us all be better critical thinkers. Watching, listening and talking about TED Talks is a popular pastime for many in the CN&CO community. We visit TED.com regularly to clear our heads, have a laugh, learn or get inspired. TED Talks open our minds, spark new ways of thinking and can lead to some very interesting conversations and business opportunities. Each week we pick a favourite and publish it on a Tuesday, because we like how “TED Talk Tuesday” sounds. It’s also a way that the CN&CO team play their part in spreading ideas and helping to make the world a better place.
This week’s TED Talk was chosen by Blake Dyason.

In a world that feels so angry and divided at the moment I believe we need more love and compassion. Robert Waldinger is the director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the longest study on happiness and he shares the lessons they learnt.

This 12 minute Tedtalk is so simple, yet a great reminder of what’s important.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness.

Blake brings a lot of energy, passion and heart into everything he does. He is extremely passionate about our country, it’s people and the environment. He is based in Cape Town and is happiest when he is running around exploring the beauty of the mountains.