Bubbles all round! Exciting changes at Colmant

Congratulations to our good friend Paul Gerber on his appointment as managing director, operational responsible and winemaker at Colmant Winery. His appointment comes at a time of significant change at the winery as founder Jean-Philippe Colmant hands over the reins after nearly 20 years.

Colmant is well known for its delicate and exceptional Cap Classique wines – which we love!

“We met Paul a few years ago through our connection with Derek Kilpin and Great Domaines,” says CN&CO’s Carel Nolte. “We liked him immediately! I mean, what’s not to like… the man makes bubbly – and it’s some of the best bubbly available!”

Paul has not only become a good friend but has also supplied many of our events with his exceptional wines.

“We’ve had the pleasure of sharing many memorable moments with Paul, including attending RMB Starlight Classics together in Cape Town each year,” says Carel. “His wife, Berna, and son, Jean, have become dear to us as well, and we consider them part of our extended family.”

Paul’s expertise and passion have been instrumental in shaping Colmant Winery’s success over the past two decades. With over 10 years’ experience in Cap Classique and a strong academic background in Viticulture and Oenology, Paul is well-equipped to lead the winery forward.

“Paul is not only super smart but also incredibly passionate about making a difference in the world of winemaking,” says Carel. “His knowledge of bubbles is unparalleled, and he’s undoubtedly one of my favourite people.”

The new owners, Jan and Isabelle Boone, a Belgian couple with a commitment to quality, local sourcing and craftsmanship, bring a wealth of experience and passion to the table.

“We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Paul,” says Jan. “Our vision is to build upon Jean-Philippe Colmant’s foundation, elevating Colmant to greater heights in quality and sustainability. We believe in the blend of expertise, collaboration, and innovation within the team.”

Isabelle continues “By investing in our team, products, processes, and partnerships, we aim to ensure that Colmant Winery remains the standard for excellence in South African Cap Classique”.

As part of the strategic plan, the company will maintain its exclusive focus on Cap Classique production, sourcing grapes from select local vineyards to ensure the highest quality standards.

“Colmant Winery holds a special place in my heart, and I am honoured to lead this remarkable team into the future,” says Paul. “Together with Jan and Isabelle, we are committed to preserving the legacy of quality and craftsmanship that defines Colmant while embracing new growth opportunities.”

We wish Paul, Berna, Jean, Jan, Isabelle and the entire team at Colmant Winery ever success in their new endeavours.

Visit https://colmant.co.za/, sign up to become a friend of Colmant and you’ll receive great discounts on your next case or two of Colmant Cap Classique. Cheers!