Barker Insurance Brokers, adding their personal touch

At CN&CO we partner with people who share our beliefs. All of us have different backgrounds which makes for a rather diverse “company profile” (if you will excuse the corporate description). One of these partnerships are our friends and brokers at Barker Insurance Brokers.

One of the key industries that we operate in is insurance and all of the different businesses that contribute to the industry. Of course, insurance is heavily defined by three sets of people, the insurance company, the broker, and the the insured. We make use of intermediaries because they are a core component to ensuring business is covered. This is why we are proud to say that we partner with Barker Insurance Brokers, the tagline being “the personal touch” and we couldn’t agree more.

A family orientated business (what could be better?) focused on delivering the best service possible to their clients through relationships (a business after our own heart) and with a staff that is interested in a wide range of passions, from camping in the bush, cycling, ocean sailing, gardening, cooking, scuba diving, dancing and yoga.

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