Swallowing a camera and turning into Robocop?!

josh robocop

This is me all wired up as the capsule recorded its journey through my digestive system

Last week was an interesting week to say the least! Medicine and the medical profession are progressing in leaps and bounds. If you had asked me a couple of years ago if you could swallow a camera to record the journey along your small intestine, I would have told you that was something that happened on a movie script.

Well, last week I swallowed a camera and walked around with it documenting my intestinal journey for the day! Crazy, but it happened. Here’s a little snap, with me all wired up.

intestine camera joshThe procedure that I went for is called a capsule endoscopy. It looks like a bit of a worm. It’s a high-tech piece of equipment, though, and transmitted to the sensors for 12 hours. Best of luck to my doc who has to sit through 12 hours of footage looking at my small intestine!

Although this might seem like a random blog piece, and many people might think its strange that I wanted to talk about my Robocop experience, it carries an underlying message. Carel constantly reminds me how important it is to place your family and your health first! You must take care of yourself, even if it means being wired up for 12 hours and swallowing a camera. Your health is important and, as he likes to chirp me, “You are of no use to me if I you’re not strong and well”. Family is also a priority, so don’t neglect them and remember to thank them every now and then.

A parting message from Robocop Josh? Your health is important, so get it checked out and keep your finger on the pulse. You will be surprised… if you’re feeling a bit off or not in tip top health it can negatively affect the way that you interact with people and your work. So keep smiling, value your health and remember your priorities.