Insights from the GIB Africa Alliance Conference

CN&CO was invited by Tracy McLaughlin, president of the Insurance Institute of Gauteng (IIG), to facilitate a website workshop as part of the GIB Africa Alliance Conference, at the Santam offices in Sandton on September 8. The session, headed up by Gianluca Tucci and Rob Christian, was to give a better understanding on the importance of having an “alliance” website and to establish what type of website the Alliance needs.

cr0kdceweaesuw_Attendees were given insight on the key elements and different roles websites and digital mechanics play in the world of business today. They were also given a platform to give feedback on what they envisaged the site to hold – based on this information, CN&CO will be able to revert back to GIB Africa Alliance with a proposal on a way forward for their new website.

Later that evening, Olympic SA rower and silver medalist, Shaun Keeling attended the closing dinner for the Alliance conference. CN&CO arranged for him to address the attendees and share his Olympic and rowing stories. The audience was impressed by his talk and the presence of his medal; it is not everyday that you get to see and hold an Olympic medal!

Overall the session was a success and CN&CO is glad to have played a small role in helping the GIB Africa Alliance. It is an important aspect for GIB’s global footprint, as described below:

  • Formed in September 2013 to cater for the growing need to support the placement of business into and from the African continent.
  • A formal network of associates throughout Africa enabling the placement and servicing of risks in Africa by leading Independent Retail Brokers on the ground.
  • It insures that local knowledge and expertise is utilised ensuring all local requirements are complied with thus affording clients’ protection of local interests as well as peace of mind.