IICOGH launches its new website

The Insurance Institute of Good Hope (IICOGH) is a non-profit organisation working for the betterment of the insurance community in the Western Cape region. It serves as a networking platform and an educational space for the people in insurance. CN&CO is proud to be working alongside a number of insurance institutes and helping them with their online initiatives, such Twitter.

CN&CO is pleased to announce the launch of IICOGH’s new and revamped website. This has been an exciting project for CN&CO working together with other sponsors, Purple Group and Hello Square (who put together the design and development of the new site).

The new site offers a clear and refreshed experience of the IICOGH online where viewers can access information about the institute and stay up-to-date with upcoming events.

Current IICOGH President, James Peters says, “the website creates a user-friendly browsing experience for viewers and we are delighted that it helps the industry and people to get a better understanding and feel for the institute.”

To explore the new site visit: www.iicogh.co.za