NSBC Summit 2017: Igniting the passion of entrepreneurs

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC) Summit is Africa’s largest and most successful event for anyone starting or growing a business. It is dedicated to helping small businesses to grow, connect, network and be inspired. This event commenced on Wednesday, 15 February (the final day is on 16 February) at Gallagher Convention Centre.

The NSBC Summit exposes delegates to solutions, skills them on the tools needed to start-out and gives information about accessing funds.

Entrepreneurship has become a solution to any country’s economy and a country that realises the contribution entrepreneurs make, has a better chance of having an improved economy.

No business is ever too small to be part of the solution, small-medium businesses (SMEs) also play a vital role in reducing unemployment and generating wealth for South Africa.

This though, is easier said than done. Starting and sustaining a business can be challenging. There’s nothing like having a great business idea, but not have a clue where to start, or lack the resources to get it running.

The summit presented seminars from business experts, interactive exhibits, networking and in-depth education on starting out or growing your business. Most of all it ignited passions of entrepreneurs and for others, it helped discover new business ideas.

From the line-up of speakers, I particularly enjoyed listening to the founder and CEO of NSBC, Mike Anderson, who shared an interesting story about his own journey to becoming “a zero to hero” and starting a business with what you have. “Do what you can, with what you have and who you know.” he said.

He motivated delegates on having the urge to take risks and not allow fear to stop you from reaching your potential. “Rather fail a thousand times, than not try at all,” he said.

Mike also encouraged the delegates that it is only when you get out of your comfort zone that you grow. “Only 5% of people achieve their goals. The rest of the 95% have chosen to be the mediocre,” he added.

He went on to share his tips on becoming a successful business person, encouraging entrepreneurs to make things happen. “Be the rainmaker in your business.”

Head of creative and social media at NSBC, Leanne Rhodes, gave tips on using social media as a tool for delegates to fast-track business success. Encouraging delegate to take advantage of social media, as it can be a powerful tool for business if used correctly.

One of the things we value at CN&CO is having networks and building relationships that ultimately add value to others. Another seminar touched a lot on the importance of forming partnerships – that sometimes it is more than making money.

It was great seeing so many South Africans taking charge and going out to seek opportunities, but mostly, seeing that there are other events or initiatives such as that of our friends at Riversands Incubation Hub – a business incubator that supports black-owned SMEs – that are taking care of the the interests of entrepreneurs, and are encouraging growth and developing african leaders that will make a difference.