Diary of some MADmen – Entry five – 9 February

Diary of some MADmen is a weekly entry from three crazy guys who are part of the #TEAM18 for MAD2run. They will be running from Joburg to Cape Town, in relay, to raise funds for the MAD Leadership Foundation. For those of you who know the three guys; Josh, Kurt and Allan, what they say in their weekly diary entry could more often than not, be taken as them fooling around. But, as they are all Elite Athletes, we aren’t entirely sure if they are…..

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Dear Diary

9th Feb 2018

6 weeks to go, WOAH!

I shaved my legs! Yip, I know. Much to my GF’s horror. With all the strapping (coming loose because of the hair), I thought it would be best, besides, I look like a real “elite” athlete now.

I went to see the Orthopedic surgeon this week, got my cortisone injection in the knee and he said I can only run from Saturday again. One whole week without training, urgh!

Sunday I will be running the Pnp 8km, so hopefully everything works out and the knee doesn’t hurt.

From next week (I know I said this last week), I need to start upping my km’s.

I really need to get mileage on the legs and start pushing harder.

I have improved on my daily stretches, which both the physio and orthopedic surgeon said are vital for recovery.

Next week I also need to get back on the health train, been very slack again this week and it doesn’t help that Josh wants to go for pizza today!

I am going to set up some time with Al and Josh to do some more team runs next week, also keen to get back to boxing and join some of the other MADsters for weekly fitness sessions.

A few have asked if I am ready to run a half marathon a day for 7 days. My current answer is, “not yet physically”. This is definitely going to be a mental challenge.

6 weeks to go . . . let’s do this!


Dear Diary,

It’s been a funny week. And not like someone has been telling dad jokes all week long kinda funny. It’s been a busy week at work and one where I don’t feel I have done enough running. But I have. Well, for what I was planning on doing, it’s been enough.

I’m running a half marathon this Sunday. I assume you all know how far that is! It is probably my favourite one but purely because I have done my PB (Personal Best) there. It is it the Pick n Pay Marathon, hosted at Saheti School – a two lapper around the Edenvale / bedfordview area.

I love the race, not sure why besides the above, because it is also the site of my worst marathon time. In trying to qualify for the #UltimateHumanRace, the Comrades Marathon in 2014, I was severely undercooked and tried to use this marathon as a qualifier. This race is a lekker one if you’re doing the half. But as soon as you turn right underneath the N3 highway to start your second lap and not go straight, back to Saheti, it hurts. It hurt me so much that year, that my mind wasn’t able to do simple math. I had one hour 20 minutes left to beat the sub five hour qualifying criteria but I still had 12 km to go. I was so out of it that my mind was telling me, “huh, one hour-20, that means I can run/walk this at 10-minutes per km.” Needless to say, about 20 mins later, I realised the error in my ways and proceeded to trot back in, all the while swearing at myself.

I still completed it in 5h35 but was well over the qualifying time.

It was then I decided not to run Comrades that year. I was a broken man.
Instead, I seconded my running (race) partner, Carel on his first Comrades, which he successfully completed.

This year, I know I am not ready for a 42km run and therefore not ready to qualify for Comrades this year. My ego is not that big, unlike a few weeks back.

But that doesn’t mean I won’t be going for the qualifier at a later stage after our #MADjourney

So for this week, I will gladly do my 21km an sit drinking beer while waiting for Carel to come in under five as he qualifies. Then make our way to some wonderful friends down the road, for a swim and a braai.

Till next time.



Hello there,

 T-6 weeks till we hit the road down to CT, this count down isn’t waiting for anyone!

 As the time ticks away, so do the training miles.  

The joy of running is finally starting to come back, it’s been 3 long years since I last experienced this!

When I gave myself stress fractures in both my shins in 2014, I was extremely frustrated and the realisation that I had to learn the hard way sucked. I had done too much mileage too quickly, Table Mountain and the Kings Block house on the side of Devil’s Peak, were my favourite playgrounds and not being able to run was highly annoying (have you ever had to give up something that you loved doing?). 

The key now isn’t to over train (self-restraint Josh), its actually very easy to do. If you are feeling good and enjoying running you can push the limits a bit too far (I have a bit of an all or nothing personality, so I have to be restrained here more than ever). I keep reminding myself of the bigger picture, there is something on the cards…but lets just get through MAD2Run first and then I will share those details. 

Oh, a quick question for the health nuts… What are your thoughts about the benefits of drinking red wine to aid recovery? I know there are varying opinions and some ‘elite athletes’ swear by there pre-race drink. Would be interested to hear your view point.

So, Josh (yes I am talking to myself), remember the bigger picture champ. Over training is just as bad as under training—probably worse.

Have a power weekend!

Till next week, ciao.



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