Khaya - Bokamoso student

A wonderful way to spend the money I earn

Every month, on the 26th of the month, R300 exits my bank account, and it goes towards educating a young man in Johannesburg. I have never met him, but my contribution, plus that of about 12 other people, pays this young mans school fees. I know we all grapple with the increased cost of living, a trip to checkers always leaves me gasping at the check out counter, no matter how frugal I try to be. But to be honest, this monthly debit has just become a part of my life now and I don’t suffer because of it. In fact, quite the opposite. It makes me feel good. Spending money rarely does that, so I think of it as a win win.

Khaya attends Hyde Park High School, and I just love getting the monthly updates about him from the incredible team at Bokamoso Education Trust.

Here is the April report on Khaya from CEO Cathrine Du Toit.

Dear Khaya’s donors

This wonderful young man has made the 1st team hockey side and qualified
into the school choir. He’s doing so well at Hyde Park High and we believe a
huge contributing factor has been the incredible role of his mentor. They
visit art galleries together (Khaya loves art), his mentor doesn’t miss a
hockey game! For a young man at his age without a dad, the impact of this
relationship is invaluable. Having a mentor to encourage, build and spend
time with Khaya is something that is proof in all that he is achieving, and
all that he is as a person.

Thank you all for making this happen, we couldn’t do it without you.



If you are interested in becoming either a donor or a mentor for Bokamoso please get in touch via their website.

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