TED Talk Tuesday #126: The joy of practice (advice from a circus performer)

By Llewellyn du Plessis

Each member of the CN&CO team needs to write personal blogs and contribute to the popular CN&CO blog on a regular basis and this is something I need to get used to. As I needed to write my TED Talk Tuesday blog I watched a couple of TED Talks when I had a long lay-over in Abu Dhabi. It was a difficult choice to make as there are thousands of mind blowing talks to choose from.

I stumbled across a very interesting talk done by Avi Pryntz-Nadworny, a circus performer, who shared his views on how continuous practice can make you grow and help you achieve anything.

We live in such a rushed world these days and we sometimes think that we know everything and when things don’t go our way our common excuse is “I don’t have time for this” and then we move on. We want to see instant results as that is the norm now with Instagram and Facebook showing us fake perfection.

Take the time to learn new things and take note of the progress on the journey. Practice makes perfect and if you want to achieve something worthy you need to ensure that you put in the work.

“Cost of learning how to walk: Practising 20 hours a week for 6 months”

With CN&CO partners being so diverse we always have to be on top of our game and keep up with the latest trends. We also have to opportunity to learn form each other as our team is always involved in hundreds of different projects. Make the best of the people and opportunities around you and stop making excuses.

Are you ready to start practising?

Llew has been working with CN&CO since 2015. At first he engaged with us via his events company, Urban Motion. In 2018 he joined the greater CN&CO team and has run many successful events, including the African Insurance Exchange, InsureTalk, FIA Awards and Summit, African Insurance Organisation conference and the OR Tambo Memorial Lecture.

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