Where were you at noon 6 Feb 2020

Where were YOU at Noon – 6 February 2020

The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life.

Out and about!

CN&CO 2.0 is nimble and nomadic. Working across different industries and partners is one of the strengths that the CN&CO platform offers. You will be surprised by the opportunities that this framework creates. Each month we take a moment to pause and capture where the team (and associates) are in the world. Here’s where we all were at noon on this 6th day of February 2020. I asked the team to snap a selfie of where they were, because people form an essential part of everything that we do.


Rob was based at his home office today. Setting up some new risk management e-courses for Dragon Risk (who are a hot new risk management company that you should check out) while making sure things are set for CN&CO financial year end process to kick off.


Carel was on the 17th floor of the Metal Box in Braamfontein, enjoying the magnificent 360 degree view of my favourite city in the world – Johannesburg. 

He was working with the data (a data nerd in the making) of the EasyEquities Tax Free Savings Accounts … the iniative launched five years ago and he is amazed by what he is seeing! Top TFSA holder (by value) is a woman – and Easy now regularly has more women investors each month. Parents who invested for kids now aged 7 and 8 have done so well that if they continue and max these accounts, our clever numbers guys tells me the kids can retire in there early thirties … got to love compound interest.

So, a view, data, South Africans making clever choices – makes me happy!

Carel Nolte


 Colin was a touch early in sending through his location, here’s why…

Our helper has been incredibly ill this week. She’s been to the hospital twice in absolute agony, to the point where she can’t walk. Both times they have sent her home with mild painkillers. So I have brought her to my GP where she will get a proper diagnosis and effective treatment. 

This episode just highlights the sad state of our public healthcare system. It’s really upsetting and a reminder how lucky we are to have the means to afford private healthcare.

Colin Ford


Thabs was at the On Show Solutions offices. They were discussing coverage for the current #AfricaShowcase roadshow happening in Southern Europe as we speak and planning for #MKTE2020.

Thabs Royds


Gianluca was taking a quick break on the balcony and gathering his thoughts.

Branching out! He was working on a number of things from his Bryanston office base – a March 2020 roadshow for a new Dubai based client; working on a new brand identity for a new client’s business; before heading to Summercon for a meeting with their director. Lots of leaves on the go!


Hello from Cape Town well actually the Nclose Sales team session along the Five2Nine team (a leading creative design agency in CT that is cooking up some cool concepts). It’s been great to meet a few of the Nclose team members and learn more about their business. They are changing the way we look at and think about cyber security, which is increasingly relevant as we move into a world of digital natives and have systems that we need to secure as businesses. Following the session with Nclose I am off to a catch up and operations meeting with Imagined Earth, who have exciting news that I can’t wait to share with you later in February.

Joshua Nuttall


Our lebgend was making magic with the Lombard team at their fifth #PartnerDay. The team were chatting about the last 12 months, exploring what they did well, what they can do better, and sharing the exciting plans for 2020 and beyond.

Kurt Solomon


Blake was making his way to a coffee shop in Sea Point in Cape Town and happened to be outside the Green Point Stadium when the clock struck 12pm. There is much excitement around what will hopefully be a world record breaking tennis match tomorrow between Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer.

Blake is currently working on a photoshoot with the RMB National Squad for the new RMB advertising campaign that is cover the build up to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Be sure to follow the national rowing squad on social media to track their build up!


Taking on the traffic around Jozi. Rikus was on the roads today running various errands. Next time you see RIkus in the traffic be sure to sing

Rikus Kok

Llewellyn and Francios

No selfies from two members of our events team…

They were in the Meyerton office completing designs for AIE (if you haven’t booked your spot yet, check out the registration page), the Insurance Master Class (you don’t want to miss this) and the Insurtech conference that they are assisting Cover publications with. Lots on the go!

The CN&CO events team recently launched their own ticketing platform and working hard on enhancing this offering for our partners. They are pumped for a big 2020 and excited to bring you a bunch of diversity of the events this calendar year.


Our resident brand strategy guru and full time mum Josie was dealing with load shedding in a sweltering Salt Rock. She was sitting outside having lunch with the kids!

Josie Dougall

That is it for this month’s. Have an awesome 2020 and remember to check out the CN&CO blog for interesting reads that may just teach you a thing or three. Oh and remember that we are in a leap year and thus we have an extra day in February to make some magic!