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Podcasts: lessons and learning on the go

Where do I begin.

Learning is something that is continuous, I don’t think we ever stop. Constantly gaining experience, making choices, failing, growing, and taking opportunities.

Learning doesn’t take or have a road map, but is rather constructed by the situations that we find ourselves in. Being open minded is one of the biggest learnings that you will ever have.

When learning to meditate, you are taught to be conscious of all the sensations that you feel and be present in the moment. Taking the time to appreciate the quietness of your mind and distil how you process different experiences.

In learning this practice, you begin to realise that many of the contexts that we find ourselves in are not always “planned” and we response to circumstances in different ways. Have you ever stopped to take in your surroundings – listening to the sounds, taking in what is in your visual field and what thoughts or memories you are having?

So, as we journey through life we are always learning… the trick is to ensure that we do our best to be present in the current moment and appreciate the circumstances so that we can continuously learn.

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