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Sport has the ability to unite nations and gives individuals the ability to push themselves to achieve great feats. It also has the ability to teach you live lessons that you will use during various stages of life’s journey.

Natalie du Toit was born on the 29th of January 1984 and in her youth developed into a phenomenally talented swimmer. Few would have expected the unfortunate and tragic accident, in 2001. She was severely injured when a car crashed into her scooter on the way to school. Nearly losing her life, she was forced to have her left leg amputated at the knee.

This did not deter her and through passion, determination, and talent she continued were swimming journey. She broken many records in the multi-disability category just a couple fo months after the accident. In 2008 Natalie made history by becoming the first female amputee swimmer ever to qualify for the able-bodied Olympics.

You can read more about here journey and achievements here.

Laureus launched the Laureus Sporting Moment 2000 – 2020 public vote, which gives sports fans the power to choose one of the winners of the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards.

These awards celebrate the moments where sport has unified people in the most extraordinary way.  This campaign shortlists 20 sporting stories from the last 20 years that have left their mark on the world. Shining a light on those unforgettable moments that have changed sporting history and inspired fans and followers around the globe.

Natalie is a nominee in the Ability of the Mind category.

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Voting closing on the 16th of February 2020, vote today.

Natalie is a nominee in the Ability of the Mind category. Laureus awards.

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