Where were you at noon – dedicated to 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children

The CN&CO team really are all over the place – geographically speaking, that is! It’s part of our lifestyle business approach: being able to work wherever we are and finding a balance that helps us and our partners to succeed in all areas of life. Today is Blake’s turn at the “Noon Blog”, so let’s check in and see what he and the rest of the CN&CO family are up to…

Today marks the first day of the National 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, something the CN&CO team supports. Today at noon we all took a moment to reflect and take action in support of this campaign.

Carel Nolte

Mondays and Wednesdays I work at EasyEquities’ office. It has the best view of Joburg! Our year end is Friday and we are also releasing our results, so a busy, lekker time. I am very proud of how Team Easy and Team CN&CO continue to stand with all who fight GBV. We need many more women in positions of power and authority to change the power dynamics in our society.

Gianluca Tucci

I am currently at ICAS with Lilaq Health, presenting the Lilaq app and exploring synergies.

Rikus Kok

I am busy driving from one place to another getting all the gifts and printing stuff for the Elite broker lunch tomorrow and then a recording with Thokozile Mahlangu for the final #InsureTalk of 2020. I’m also making a quick stop at Penny’s to drop off some work and her bridge table, amongst others deliveries for the day

We need to put a stop to gender-based violence. Enough is enough.

Blake Dyason

I am currently working at home with my dog Alaska at my feet.

It has been an exciting few weeks starting new projects, tomorrow we start the Sustainable Gardens Project with Reddam House school in Constantia. The kids will be planting and caring for their own vegetable gardens. Not only do they learn about food security, conservation and climates, but they will learn entrepreneurship as we partner with Reel Gardening to allow the kids to harvest and sell their vegetables to spaza shops or create their own products to sell.

I am currently finalising the Cape Union Mart #AdventurePacks competition, which aims to get locals out exploring and supporting local adventure businesses while standing the chance to win the ultimate adventure pack filled with awesome outdoor gear.

Lastly, We are getting ready to launch The Insurance Directory. Watch this space.

While I sit here grateful to have work and to live in a safe area I realise this is not the norm for many South Africans and specifically women and children. I have been reading and hearing some scary facts, some may be exaggerated – or at least I hope they are – but the reality is that 1 in 5 women will experience gender-based violence. What the F@#k? Our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends have a higher chance of being raped than getting a quality education. We as MEN need to be better. We as honest, good South Africans need to be better; we need to speak up and put a stop to gender-based violence.

It’s time for us all – men, women and children – to speak up about abuse. We need to make it safe for people to speak up and we need to take quick action to prevent abusers from abusing more.

We need to love more.

Josie Dougall

Every day at noon I fetch these two beautiful daughters of mine from school. Every day I am reminded of the privilege I have that my girls get collected from school, in a car and driven to a safe home. I see girls as young as six walking home from school alone or in pairs. My heart breaks at the reality of the violent world that exists in this country where little girls are victimised and exposed to gender based violence every day.

Colin Ford

I thought I’d take this “stop GBV” pic in the foyer of CIB, where I just met with Carmen to discuss current and future marketing activities.

My pledge, as we start 16 days, is to be more mindful of my place as a man in society, always remembering to treat all my fellow humans – regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, eye colour, height or other arbitrary social construct – with love, dignity and respect.

Kurt Solomon

It has been a great and productive day, so much so that my Where were you at Noon submission was late. 🙂

Busy working at Cafe 28 in Sandton (delicious pizzas and a great view), working on the 2021 Lombard strategy and sorting out some admin before the December rush. Later I have a catch up with Twin Turbo – Gianluca.  Let us stop GBV – Grow up, step up and let us be real men!

Joshua Nuttall

I am currently in the Eastern Cape at St Francis Bay, working remotely while sorting out some things at the beach house after some unexpected events. A bit of space from Joburg and fortunate that the internet is keeping me connected to everything on the go. Imagined Earth, digital thinking, reverse mentor sessions, CN&CO digital elements, and a few other partnerships are keeping me on my toes. I’m enjoying working towards ending the year well and planning for 2021.

If you are in Joburg on 5 December, join Ashley van der Hoven at the Women For Change Run. Full details on Instagram.

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Blake brings a lot of energy, passion and heart into everything he does. He is extremely passionate about our country, it’s people and the environment. He is based in Cape Town and is happiest when he is running around exploring the beauty of the mountains.