RoadCover – 21 years of RAF claim handling

Partnerships and relationships are not new to the CN&CO team. When we met with Riaan van Straaten, managing director at RoadCover, we were excited to meet this down-to-earth gentleman whose passion for the RoadCover brand was evident with his strong focus to deliver expert services to customers while always being empathetic to those customers situations and needs.  

With several exciting projects in the pipeline, including a brand corporate identity refresh, website relaunch, benefit enhancements for both its individual and commercial offering, and an office relocation in the coming months, RoadCover is certainly not sitting idle. 

The concept of RoadCover was created in 2000 by Eugene Beck, after being involved in a road accident that caused him to be hospitalised. What followed was the tedious and costly process of claiming from the Road Accident Fund (RAF).  The RoadCover journey began four years later when Eugene finally managed to settle his claim with the Road Accident Fund, only to discover that the final payout was significantly lower than the award once the attorneys had netted off their fees. Realising that there had to be a better way, the concept of ‘no fees’ memberships -RoadCover was born.

In 2021, Transaction Capital (which you can invest in via EasyEquities) acquired 100% of the RoadCover shares, placing the RoadCover brand in the Transaction Capital stable that includes SA Taxi, and the recent agreement to increase the groups shareholding in WeBuyCars from 49.9% to 74.9%. Transaction Capital has a proven track record of creating value through identifying, investing in, and developing businesses with the potential to achieve scale in their market segments. 

The RoadCover team still consists of the founding members of the company with the new team members including Riaan van Straaten (pictured above) who took over the role of managing director in February 2021. Riaan is an experienced senior manager and registered CA(SA) with a proven track record across multiple facets of financial services.

“Our vision is to give victims of motor vehicle accidents access to a working, cost-effective claims management system that allows them to be compensated in full by the Road Accident Fund at no cost to themselves,” explains Riaan. “We do that by removing the very difficult and complicated process that an individual would need to go through when processing a claim with the RAF after being injured in a car accident by another negligent driver.”

Riaan’s core team is made up of the following key members:

Candice Bekker is the CFO with over 15 years of experience in various finance and operations roles. Candice joined the team five years ago and has facilitated the transition from being an entrepreneur-owned business to an integrated subsidiary of a large, listed company – Transaction Capital. Candice has been involved in all aspects of the business, overseeing all back-office operations as well as being part of the strategic growth and vision for the business.

Chanell Grobler, head of direct marketing operations, joined the team in 2018. Her experience in direct marketing, business analysis and project management came to great use as the project owner of in-housing RoadCover’s administration and creating a centralised CRM architecture, and continuously improving on the systems and processes to deliver the best possible service to customers.

Colin Germs, head of motor partner, has been an integral part of the RoadCover team for the past 15 years. As with the rest of the team, he is extremely passionate about ensuring that RoadCover achieves its mission of reaching out to as many road users as possible, protecting them against the pitfalls of claiming against the RAF.

Corne van Deventer, head of legal with over 20 years’ experience in Road Accident Fund claims, is a founding team member. Corne’s passion to assist customers was evident from day one and remains to this day. She embodies the values we uphold in the RoadCover team.

“RoadCover plans to expand the company from its core offering, the no-fee RAF assist benefit, to become a market leader providing Value Added Service products and professional assistance to South African commuters and vehicle owners,” says Riaan.

We look forward to going on this journey with RoadCover as we collaborate with them to bring their exciting plans to market.

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