The Company We Keep: Your Mom with Schalk

The Company We Keep is a column on the CN&CO blog that profiles some of the most interesting people in our networks. Here we share the details of the lives of people we know, showcasing the extraordinary diversity of our society and proving that people truly are at the heart of everything we do.

This month’s “The Company We Keep” blog is written by Blake Dyason.

It’s inspiring to see someone who perseveres despite the challenges they face and ultimately succeeds.

Neil Liddell founded and was later arrested for creating one of the early cannabis growing clubs in South Africa, The Haze Club. While the court case made news headlines, Neil created a podcast called African Gold to share his story and the truths about cannabis.

Since then Neil has fallen in love with storytelling and started Telltale Media, a podcast production company.

This week they released the highly anticipated and funny podcast “Your Mom with Schalk”. It’s a series of interviews with the mothers of famous South Africans hosted by South African comedian Schalk Bezuidenhout.

Listen on your favourite podcast platform.

Blake brings a lot of energy, passion and heart into everything he does. He is extremely passionate about our country, it’s people and the environment. He is based in Cape Town and is happiest when he is running around exploring the beauty of the mountains.