The Good Economy: Transforming lives and empowering South Africans, one job at a time!

South Africa has experienced unemployment levels beyond 25% for over 25 years, resulting in widespread poverty and associated social issues.

In response to this circumstance, the Presidential Employment Stimulus and the Social Employment Fund (managed by the Industrial Development Corporation) was established to create ‘work for the common good’ to enable a ‘whole of society’ approach to employment opportunities and livelihoods. Social employment is based on the belief that there is no shortage of work to be done to address many issues South Africans are facing. This work not only supports marginalised/disadvantaged communities, but also aims to empower and upskill those who contribute to the public good.

Brownie Points, together with nine experienced partner organisations, launched The Good Economy, a proof of concept to meaningfully employ over 1,000 part-time participants across a multitude of sectors in South Africa – and what a difference it is making!

Today we focus on six of the partner organisations that are making waves, empowering and uplifting South Africans every single day. See how all the organisations are making a difference and find out how you can get involved – help is ALWAYS encouraged and is often much closer and easier than you may think… visit the campaign homepage here.

Clean C

Clean C is a community of passionate people who know there is a massive need to create opportunities for people in South Africa to develop and grow – not only for themselves, but for others around them. Clean C aims to generate these opportunities through entrepreneurship, the creation of sustainable employment that enriches, educates, empowers and inspires as well as the upliftment of communities to be free from crime – enabling people to live with mutual respect and dignity. Visit their website here.

Campaigning 4 Cancer

Campaigning for Cancer (C4C) is a patient advocacy organisation that was established in 2008 to give a voice to South African cancer patients and those affected by cancer. As a pioneer of South African cancer patient advocacy, C4C continues to advocate for the promotion and protection of the rights of patients and those affected by cancer with regard to policy, healthcare costs and healthcare delivery. Visit their website here.

Grootbos Foundation

The Grootbos Foundation is a registered nonprofit that was established in 2003 and is dedicated to the conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom and upliftment of its communities. The Grootbos Foundation works closely with conservation agencies to implement landscape level conservation projects to protect the unique flora and fauna that inhabit the fynbos habitats. The Grootbos Foundation is involved in various aspects of community development, reaching approximately 10 000 beneficiaries through skills training, social enterprise development, sports for good and food security programming. Visit their website here.

Rays of Hope

Rays of Hope partners with the Alexandra community to create sustainable change through psychosocial services, as well as learning and development programmes. They focus on children and their families to improve all aspects of their lives, journeying with them from vulnerability to independence. Visit their website here.

SA Harvest

The lack of food security is one of the most urgent crises facing our country today. Every day over 20 million South African men, women and children go to bed hungry. We live in a country that produces an abundance of fresh, nourishing food that could feed all our citizens, but one of the central problems is that around 10 million tons of food goes to waste every year. SA Harvest is taking a revolutionary approach to ending hunger, including addressing the systemic causes of hunger and leveraging appropriate technology, while simultaneously tackling the immediate food security crisis through rescuing nutritious food and delivering it where it’s needed most. Visit their website here.

The Wild Bird Trust

Wild Bird Trust are explorers, monitors, awareness raisers and citizen engagers for the conservation of wild birds and their natural habitats. They may be small, but their advantage comes from the dedicated partners who share their values, culture, and unwavering commitment to make our planet a better place for all its inhabitants. Visit their website here.