RMB Jazz at Plaisir

Jazz up your Heritage Day with RMB

Many in the CN&CO community are huge fans of Rand Merchant Bank – for a variety of reasons:

  • Their support of rowing and our Olympic medal winners;
  • Their annual and legendary Starlight Classics concerts in Joburg and Cape Town;
  • Their myriad activities in the creative economy, including RMB Latitudes Art Fair;
  • Their unbelievable work with the rest of the FirstRand group in growing SPIRE – established during Covid and stil continuing to make a massive difference in hsopitals and in healthcare (over R100 million to date);
  • The superb team – and biased as we are, our friends Alison Badenhorst and Carolynne Waterhouse in the RMB marketing are at the forefront here – who continue to show that doing good is indeed good business.

The list goes on!

On this wonderful Heritage Day, despite our recent loss to Ireland at the Rugby World Cup, we are reminded that South Africans continue to show the world how humour, agility, grit, diversity and a belief in ubuntu can triumph. And that despite setbacks, we can, and do, rise up again.

And so we thought we’d share a snippet of the RMB Jazz event held at Plaisir (btw, if you have not checked out their wines – Carel is besotted with their sparkling brut – try it out – and join Blake and others at the Plaisir trail runs – too gorgeous). Even if you think jazz is not your thing, this showcase and celebration of South African talent is awe-inspiring and bound to make your Heritage Day even better!

Thank you RMB. And thank you to all in our country who use their talents to make the world better, for us all.