TED Circles with CN&CO 2020

“A Changing World” – Join our 2nd TED Circle, 15 April

At CN&CO we love the ideas, connections, and inspirations that we get from watching TED Talks. We use TED to expand our thinking, you can check out the weekly TED Tuesday blog series to see some of our favourite talks.

Back in 2015 we launched our ConFab sessions and had the opportunity to learn from those around us. We enjoyed wide ranging discussions and the sessions bought people together from a variety of professions, walks of life and with differing points of view.

Well, these sessions have evolved and we now host a TED Circles get together every month. We hosted our first TED Circles on Friday the 27th of March, you can read about it here.

TED Circles is an open platform of small groups that engage in conversations about ideas.

The theme for the TED Circles get together in April is “A changing world”. We will showcase one talk linked to the theme and another talk that is linked to the current COVID-19 situation which is challenging the globe.

Much has changed in the world and the current happenings have forced us to stop and reflect. What will the new normal be? Is there even such a thing as “normal”? How can we adapt, grow, and add value to the world that is changing around us?

Join us on Wednesday, 15 April at 4pm for an hour to explore the theme and ideas related to our future. Tune in from the comfort of your own home for an hour during which time we will watch two short TED Talks and engage in conversation

*Zoom link will be shared with you once you have confirmed your attendance.

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