cRESULTS packs a new digital punch!

CN&CO’s digital boxing fitness club of choice, cRESULTS, is super excited to announce that it has invested in its own punch tracking technology after five years of research and development, and has developed its own punch tracking app.

Here is some more insight from Alan Harris, CEO of cRESULTS Group:

Taking the learnings over the past five years, together with feedback from our members, has enabled cRESULTS to innovate and reinvent in the fitness boxing space, to ensure we become leaders and drive the right behaviours. Ultimately this helps our members to achieve the results they deserve.

We know by investing in our own tech we can constantly improve, and execute our future strategy effectively to grow digital fitness, to make the world more positive, happier and healthier through innovative wellness.


  • We have replaced our TV screens with touch screens, allowing our members to customise their workouts.
  • The new user interface (visuals) is stunning, making it easier to track and improve your results.
  • We have added a power (G-Force) per punch score, helping our members to improve their strength and technique.
  • We have scientifically worked out an effort/ fitness score called “cSCORE”, which is a brilliant metric to chase when you want to improve your fitness quickly, and maximise your fat and calorie burn.
  • Members have the ability to choose their preferred punch metric (PUNCH COUNT, SPEED, POWER, cSCORE) and can change it at any time during their workout.
  • We have included 70+ programmes to our app, and we will be constantly adding more.
  • During a group session, our members have the option to select and view their own punch data (graph format), or they can add themselves to the leader board to compete against other individuals, or they can select both.
  • A huge value add is that our members can now come in and train anytime during the day, outside of our class times, and select their desired programme, which makes training more accessible and minimises excuses!

We have a lot of new features that we will be developing in phase 2 of our development strategy. So watch this space!


It’s a 52-minute workout incorporating boxing, weights and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), ensuring you see results!

The programmes have been designed for all ages, shapes and fitness levels.

We can’t wait to train you!

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